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About Frozen Hoagies


Our business began on July 4th, 2011.  We are Boston's Original Handscooped Ice Cream Sandwich Truck, where you can create your perfect hoagie.  We use our homemade cookies and hand scoop ice cream to create our iconic sandwich.   Our cookies are the product of a labor of love and family recipes, and our ice cream is locally sourced from Rancatore's in Lexington. Rancatore's Ice Cream is hand made in small batches using only the finest ingredients with no preservatives.


In November 2014, we expanded our food truck business into a storefront as well.  We have additional items at our store that cannot be found on our trucks--such as frappes, sundae's, espresso products and more!


Be sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the most up to date schedule and menu information, and check out our Instagram for cool specials and customer reposts!

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